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Dentistry - Orthodontics - Parodontology

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For the health and safety of all, the wearing of a surgical mask is mandatory from the moment you arrive at the surgery.
Please arrive in time, and keep distance to each other!


Parodontology, Implants 


Dentistry – Prosthetic dentistry


Screening, oral hygene advice

Scale and polish

Tooth whitening

X-rays: single tooth, panoramics, cephs

Fillings, inlay, onlay

Crowns (porcelain, zirconium)

Bridgework, dentures


Aesthetic dentistry: veneers, dental jewellery

Parodontal treatment, surgery

Dental surgery: extractions, of wisdom teeth too

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Dr. Dóra Gálosi



All of our three surgeries are air conditioned, modern. The x-ray machines, dental chairs and autoclave are regularly serviced.
We fully comply to the rules of desinfection.

Consultation, advice, price quote (the price of consultation is reducted from the price of the treatment)5000 Ft
Aesthetic filling16 000 Ft
Scale and polish14 000 Ft
Salt polishing with sand blasting4000 Ft
Inlay (gold, zircon, porcelain)25 000 Ft + material price
Panoramic x-ray4000 Ft
Cephalo x-ray5000 Ft
X-ray of single tooth2000 Ft
Coolwhite in surgery tooth whitening 4×10 mins (price of scale and polish included)47 000 Ft
Root canal treatment10 000-15 000 Ft
Root canal filling (price varies by the number of roots)10 000-15 000 Ft
Porcelain-metal crown33 000 Ft
Zircon crown60 000 Ft
Porcelain crown to implant45 000-49 000 Ft
Procera crown80 000 Ft
Ceramic shell70 000 Ft
Porcelain crown60 000 Ft
Full denture90 000 Ft
Bite splint20 000 Ft
Combined prosthetic work: price is specific to individual treatment plan.
Parodontology, dental surgery
Extraction12 000 Ft
Complicated extraction15 000 Ft
Extraction of root10 000-15 000 Ft
Extraction of wisdom tooth15 000 Ft
Surgical extraction of tooth (in case of multiple roots, individual pricing)30 000 Ft
Removal of impacted wisdom tooth35 000-40 000 Ft
Implantation (price of standard head included)130 000-180 000 Ft
New israeli implant (price of standard head included) AB implant, cortex, SGS120 000 Ft
Swiss implant (standard head) /Straumann/250 000 Ft
American implant (standard head) Biohorisons180 000 Ft
Parodontal regenerative surgery (Emdogain resorbeable membran, bioos – price differs with quantity of teeth)95 000-100 000 Ft
Closed curettage15 000 Ft
Lateral augmentation of bone, surgical elevation of the sinus – individual pricing.
Removable plate46 000 Ft / jaw
Retebtive plate29 000 Ft / jaw
Bimaxillar appliance58 000 Ft
Damon ret. splint19 000 Ft / jaw
Delair mask68 000 Ft
Mouthguard42 000 Ft
Multiband fixed appliances
Composit175.000 Ft / jaw
Metal135.000 Ft / jaw
Damon Clear upper 3-3240.000 Ft / jaw
Damon Clear upper 5-5260.000 Ft / jaw
Inspire Ice210.000 Ft / jaw
EmpowerC porcelain220.000 Ft / jaw
Damon aesthetic225.000 Ft / jaw
Damon metal165.000 Ft / jaw
Lingual (incognito)750.000 Ft / jaw
Minibond5 – 90 000 Ft / jaw
Fixed appliances
Hyrax, Herbst, Quadrhelix52 000 Ft
Goschgarian, li.arch32 000 Ft
Headgear+14 000 Ft
Lifetime retainer36 000 Ft / jaw
Biteblock15 000 Ft
Treatment plant10 000 Ft
Removable3 000 Ft
Fixed6 000 Ft
Consultation (second)3 000 Ft